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DJE has extensive resources in both metrology equipment and engineering software that, combined with its technical depth, provides the tools needed to ensure capability and accuracy for virtually any 2D and/or 3D digitizing effort. Recent activity has been in support of manufacturing contracts which include a fully systems integrated B52-H Left-Hand Outboard Strut, KC-135 Crew Entry Doors, KC-135 Inboard Spoilers and Blue Angels Oil Tank Assemblies.

These contracts required varying levels of 3D CAD contour and geometry development, in coordination with respective customer engineering organizations. The B52 Strut contract included a separate work statement to develop 3D CATIA loft models of OML surfaces from PCM based loft drawings. The DJE manufactured B52 Strut was also the first ever to be produced solely from the engineering drawings due to original tooling and masters no longer being available.

Through these past projects, DJE has developed a comprehensive method of efficiently digitizing, modeling, and validating antiquated engineering data from literally any media that provides a full definition. This digital mock-up process allows DJE to identify potential design issues much earlier in the project than before allowing the customer’s supporting design group more time to resolve issues without impacting the targeted delivery date. Normally, DJE is able to provide the most desirable solutions for manufacturing, many times offering the supporting design team multiple solutions to choose from.

DJE also produces extremely detailed graphical assembly plans that facilitate that mock-up and assembly processes.  These plans provide specific instructions for each step of the assembly process along with required BOM information pertinent to each step of the assembly. These plans help ensure accurate drawing interpretation during the assembly process that many older drawings leave in a difficult to decipher and busy drawing format.

Over the past 7 years, DJE has acquired a vast experience working with outdated and out of production design.  DJE has a knowledgeable staff able to follow any applicable supersession and substitution paths made available in order to reduce the need for customer driven engineering changes. DJE concurrently ramped up three sizable out of production contracts including the B52- H Left-Hand Outboard Strut, KC-135 Crew Entry Doors, and the KC-135 Inboard Spoilers. The experience drove DJE to develop the processes mentioned above with three objectives in mind: learning curve reduction, early detection of engineering errors/lapse, and increase fail-safes for low-quantity/interrupted production cycles. The thorough documentation and diagrams helps to reduce the need for mechanics to have a high level familiarity with an assembly in order to achieve high quality with reasonably efficient cycle times.

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