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Serving the aerospace industries

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Serving the aerospace industries

General Aviation

Capability, Quality and Delivery.

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If we need a new capability, we acquire it.

When we need a new process, we develop it.

If it doesn’t exist, we invent it.

Because of our constant growth, the true capability of D-J Engineering is difficult to define. Whether a large or small aircraft project, D-J Engineering can produce it. Because of our high intensity and diverse knowledge base, we specialize in accomplishing the projects that many companies refuse to even start.

We produce very large assemblies and the details that go into them for anything that flies. We build and repair flight critical structures. We manufacture parts for commercial, military, and general aviation, and for space launch vehicles.

The list of our current manufacturing capabilities is extensive: Major Aircraft Assembly, Light-Sub Assembly, Sheet Metal Forming, Extrusion Forming, Custom Aluminum Extrusions, Titanium Hot Forming, Heat Treating of Aluminum Alloys, Composite Fabrication, and of course, CNC Milling & Turning.

Our FAA Repair Station provides state of the art refurbishment and repairs to aircraft structures and systems. This capability is enhanced by access to the engineering and manufacturing resources of D-J Engineering.

Our Tooling Department designs and manufactures all types of custom tools for internal use by D-J as well as for delivery to OEM customers.

Our R&D/Special Projects Team provides engineering design, process development, certification testing, and other highly technical services for both D-J and OEM customers.

The true capability of D-J is providing exactly what you need, when you need it.

D-J Engineering, Inc.