D-J Engineering, Inc.

Machine Engineering & Design

Engineering and DesignD-J Engineering, Inc. maintains a qualified, technically diverse staff of engineering, production, and administrative personnel. Many of the technical staff members at D-J have prior experience at major OEM’s in the aerospace industry. D-J Engineering employs over 20 mechanical, civil, aerospace, chemical, production, and electrical engineers, which are deployed on the shop floor as well as in the offices, maintaining direct involvement in the projects for which they are responsible.

D-J Engineering is able to respond quickly and accurately to the technical issues which inevitably arise during any complex project. When these issues are encountered, D-J Engineering has the technical skills needed to work with your engineering staff and quickly resolve any issues.

At D-J Engineering it is our goal to provide exactly the resources and services you need. With our engineering staff, we make certain that the parts we are manufacturing and assembling are up to your high standards. One of the key tools we use is our engineering staff. They assure that the materials, processes, fasteners, parts, fittings, wiring, and everything else going into your product are exactly what you expect to get.

If you’re not sure exactly what you want, we can assist. On many occasions, engineers from D-J have participated in customer design teams, either remotely or on-site. We can provide that extra insight to make sure you get a high performance, producible design.

If you have no idea what you want, D-J can help with that too. Our Special Projects Team has provided direct design support for flight and non-flight parts to most of our OEM customers. This full service design team can design exactly what you need.


Past and Present Engineering Projects


CH-53K Cabin Racks

KC-135 Wing Skins

KC-135 Ailerons

KC-46 Refueling Boom

D-J has long been the supplier for the older KC-135 Refueling Booms as well as the 767 GTTA Refueling Booms. So, it was a “no-brainer” for Boeing to select D-J as the supplier for the Refueling Boom on the new KC-46 Tanker. Program consists of very long (35 feet) extruded “Tube” and “Channel” parts, fully machined to very tight tolerances.