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Research & Development

Other projects are always in the works at D-J. Drop in and see what we’re up to this week…

D-J Engineering, Inc. believes in being the best. To be the best in a technology market requires pro-active effort. D-J therefore maintains a small but effective Research & Development (R&D) Team which specifically supports projects requiring “that little something extra.”

As a customer, you can rest assured that if a project needs it, D-J will find a way to do it. Our staff appreciates a good challenge. Customers appreciate the energy that this attitude brings to their projects.

Our R&D staff has developed our patented CNC Stylus Forming method of forming sheet metal parts using our standard CNC milling equipment. This process has been applied to produce many one-of-a-kind military sheet metal parts with minimal non-recurring costs. These parts have been produced in aircraft aluminum alloys, stainless steels, and inconel alloys. Gauges up to .250 inch have been formed and part sizes are limited only by the size of the available sheet stock.

Research and development Research and development Research and development Research and development Research and development Research and development