D-J Engineering, Inc.

Special Projects

If you’ve got problems that you can’t handle, we can help.

Sometimes you don’t have the staff or expertise to do what needs to be done. Even so, it still needs to get done. That’s where the D-J Special Projects team can help.

This team has access to the multitude of resources that are D-J Engineering. More importantly, we have the cooperation of all of the staff at D-J. By providing focused attention and resources, they get it done, whatever it is.

Sometimes, we design and build specific manufacturing equipment such as the 480 Ton Leading Edge Stretch Press used to support an AOG order of 737 Leading Edges. The press was designed and built before the sheet metal stock arrived.

737 leading edge Military lift jack

Sometimes, we assist customers with a design problem. We recently helped an OEM by designing, building, and delivering GSE Lift Jacks for military optics in only three weeks.

Then, we designed, built, and delivered GSE Weather Covers for a block of fighter jets. In only 10 weeks, the team designed & prototyped both the locking mechanism and molded silicone cover then delivered the entire production run.

Several years ago, D-J designed, built, and erected a full-scale physical flight simulator for a new military tanker aerial refueling boom. This Flyby-Wire unit interfaced with the aircraft avionics console. The D-J Special Projects team delivered and assembled on-site the fully functional simulator in under 10 weeks.