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CAFT – Cabin Auxiliary Fuel Tank Assembly for the C-130 Aircraft. The removable twin fuel tank assembly, measuring approximately 20 foot long 7 foot tall, consists of two 1800 gallon fuel tanks mounted on a standard C-130 pallet which is carried inside the C-130 cargo compartment. The first CAFT assembly was completed and delivered to Boeing in November of 2014.

Other Details:
The CAFT assembly contains over 350 unique part numbers, including over 60 subassemblies. D-J Engineering fabricated over 80% of the tank details/assemblies in-house, performed both mechanized and spot welding of the tanks, and completed 100% of the tooling and assembly effort in house. A permanent Test Facility was set up at D-J to enable full functional testing on site, including filling the tanks with solvent and passing between tanks to test all working components of the assembly.

D-J Engineering, Inc.