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Need a large scale assembly project completed?

B52-H Outboard Strut

B52-H Outboard Strut

D-J Engineering has completed assemblies such as the B-52 Engine Strut, KC-135 Crew Entry Doors and Spoilers, FA-18 Blue Angel Oil Tanks, the 767 Tanker/Transport Floor Beam Assemblies, and the Aerial Refueling Boom Structure and Skins. As an “Integrator” D-J Engineering, Inc. has developed a top-notch assembly team.

Assembly supervisors and assemblers are certified in: Fastener Identification, Cold working of Holes, Sealing of Aircraft Structures-commercial & military, Electrical Bond and Ground – Biddle/BCD, Stud Installation, Terminal Installation, Fay Surface and Final Inspection.

KC-135 Crew Entry Door

KC135 Crew DoorKC135 Crew DoorKC135 Crew Door Interior

The assembly was developed using customer provided PCM drawings. D-J Engineering uses CATIA software to import the existing PCM data and convert it to 3-D CATIA data. This enables us to test fit components and prove out our assembly build sequence before ever building a part!

100% of the parts for this project was fabricated in house, using DJE owned resources. The only exception to this rule being painting and NDT. This internal capability reduces our reliance on outside processors, and the inevitable scheduling issues associated with them.

D-J Engineering, Inc.