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Our D-J Composites, Inc. division specializes in composite and bonded metal components for the aerospace industry.

Located in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada, our modern facility is situated adjacent to the Gander International Airport and is designed specifically for the fabrication of aerospace components. Its layout is the culmination of input from several major aircraft manufacturers, with a natural manufacturing flow that reduces travel time between stations and cross-path workflow.

Composites - D-J Engineering

We also operate a composites facility in Augusta, Kansas, USA with the following capabilities:

  • Inert gas 7’ x 24’ autoclave capable of processing composite assemblies up to 120 psi at 400F
  • Positive pressure 80’ x 45’ Class 100,000 clean room (100,000 particles of .5 micron size per cu. ft.) has internal cold storage and CNC ply-cutting facilities
Composites - D-J Engineering

Quality Assurance

We gladly support all required audit, verification and qualification requirements for your process specifications.

QA functions specific to composite materials and process verification are accomplished either in our composites QA lab or by qualified third-party laboratories. We accomplish Through Transmission Ultrasonic Inspection (TT-USI) using a CNC-controlled USI gantry system.

D-J Composites Certifications & Approvals

As a Transport Canada Approved Manufacturer, D-J Composites can issue release certificates for civil aviation parts. This approval is recognized by the FAA and our surveillance audit is monitored by the FAA. This means all parts and components delivered from our facility are manufactured to a standard approved by Transport Canada and the FAA.

D-J Composites is certified as a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization. This certification allows us to repair and overhaul off-aircraft composite and metal bonded components to a civil aviation standard, complete with release certificates. This allows our company to service the components we manufacture as well as support aircraft operators in need of repairs or modifications.

Continued registration under the Canadian Controlled Goods Program allows military technical data and drawings to be transferred between Canadian and U.S. organizations with ease.

Additional D-J Composites Capabilities

Our D-J Composites division goes beyond composites component manufacturing to add value for our customers. Additional capabilities include:

  • Honeycomb Core Sculpting
  • Foam Core Sculpting
  • Bonded Metal Assemblies
  • Composite Tool Manufacture
  • Simple Laminates
  • Renboard Machining
  • Bonded Laminates
  • Aluminum Machining
  • Aluminum Tool Manufacture
  • Wash-out Core Technologies
  • Class “A” Finishing Capabilities
  • Phosphoric Acid Anodize
  • FPL Etch
  • Vapor Degrease
  • Bonding Primer Application
  • Composite Assemblies
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