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Approved by the FAA to perform work on various military aircraft as well as commercial and general aviation aircraft including helicopters and business jets, D-J Engineering has the capabilities to overhaul and repair flight critical sheet metal assemblies, advanced composite and metallic bonded assemblies, hydraulic components, mechanical actuators, gearboxes, landing gear and propellers.

D-J Engineering employs certified mechanics including Licensed Airframe and Power plant mechanics with inspection authority, certified repairmen, and certified NDI inspectors.

Painting in repair station  Repair station

Repair Facilities

Component Repair

D-J Engineering is capable of repairing bonded assemblies in the most difficult to reach areas with minimal tear downs. Our state-of-the-art equipment gives us the flexibility to adapt the cure cycle to meet any given cure requirements. It  also records and prints out the cure cycle, providing the required repair documentation.

The Hydraulic component shop possesses equipment and personnel to test, overhaul and repair components using all types of aerospace grade hydraulic fluids.


NDI Inspection

NDI Inspection 15’x20’ Mag Particle and Penetrant Booth

Using state of the art techniques and equipment, D-J Engineering can provide Ultrasound, C-Scan, Eddy Current, Dye Penetrant, and Magnetic Particle Inspections with the highest standards in the business. We make sure that detailed inspection and process checking are performed to the most stringent guidelines.


Emergency Service

With hangar facilities available at the Augusta Kansas Municipal Airport, D-J Engineering, through our aviation partners, can provide emergency repair services for over a 100 different types of aircraft.


Repair / Overhaul Capabilities

  • Flight Critical Structures Including Sheet metal Assemblies and Bonded Metal-to-Metal and Composite Assemblies Including:
    • Radomes Secondary composite structure
    • Fairings
    • Doors
    • Engine Inlets
    • Flaps
    • Slats
    • Spoilers
    • Elevators
    • Rudders
    • Ailerons
    • Trim Tabs
  • Heated Leading Edges and Inlets
  • Hatches and Doors
  • Propellers
  • Landing Gear Repair and Overhaul
  • Hydraulic Fluid Power Systems
  • Pneumatic Actuation Systems
  • Mechanical Actuators
  • Gearboxes

Full Capabilities Listing

NDI / NDT Capabilities

  • Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Through Transmission
  • Pulse Echo
  • C-Scan
  • Eddy Current
  • Magnetic Particle
  • Dye Penetrant
  • Conductivity Testing
D-J Engineering, Inc.