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Metal Forming

We continually develop our metal forming capabilities in response to customer interest. If you think what you need can’t be made—ask us. Some of the equipment we employ for metal forming was designed and built by D-J Engineering to further expand our ability to make difficult parts.

Form dies are made by our own tooling department. You get the advantage of one call, one PO, one supplier, one integrated product. In addition to conventional forming methods, our patented CNC Stylus Forming Process enables us to form and trim to expand further our CNC mills in a single setup. We accomplish both metal forming and heat treatment to the highest standards.

The best equipment deserves the best and most experienced staff. Many projects involve a project engineer deployed on the shop floor to continually follow the progress. Our hand-forming staff ensures that the completed product is formed to your specifications.

Metal Forming - D-J Engineering
Metal Forming - D-J Engineering
Metal Forming - D-J Engineering
Metal Forming - D-J Engineering
Metal Forming - D-J Engineering

Forming Capabilities

Hot Forming Titanium
Vacuum Forming Titanium
Hot Vacuum Forming Titanium
Bladder Forming
Brake Forming
Hot Brake Forming Titanium
Deep Draw Forming
Stretch Forming Aluminum
Hot Joggling Aluminum
Roll Forming
Extrusion Stretch Forming
Sheet Metal Stretch Forming
“Blue Streak” Forming Process


Verson Deep Draw Press

400 ton, 60” x 119”, 200 ton cushon

CNC Brake Press

90 ton, 120”, 7-axis

Titanium Hot Form Press X2

90 ton, 30” x 60”, 1500 deg Heated Platens

ASEA Bladder Press

14,000 PSI. 47.5” x 157.1” x 10”

Lake Eerie 4 Post Press

3500 Ton 96” x 126” x 42”

“Batwing” Extrusion Press X2

(1) 235 ton, custom, up to 34’ extrusions, (2) 60 ton, custom

Sheridan Skin Stretch Press

200 ton, 48” sheet width, 22’ long

Roll Form Press

16’ sheet capacity

Leading Edge Press

16’ sheet capacity, material gage up to .125”

30ft Brake Press

600 Ton

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