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In response to customer interest, D-J Engineering has continued to develop our metal forming capabilities.

Our ASEA 14,000 PSI Bladder Press is one of the largest in the world having two 42.5” by 157.1” press tables. The 7-Axis CNC Brake Press can be fitted with heated dies for hot forming when necessary. Our 22 ft. Sheridan-Gray skin stretch press is fitted with 5 ft. straight jaws but can be used with larger curved jaws designed and built by D-J. Both of our extrusion stretch-forming “bat wing” presses (235 ton & 60 ton) were designed and built by D-J. Our 200 Ton Verson Draw Press further expands our ability to make difficult parts. The D-J team also has two large platen Titanium Hot-Form presses at our disposal.

Form dies for any of these processes are made locally by our own Tooling Department. In addition to our conventional forming methods, our patented CNC Stylus Forming Process lets us form certain parts right on our CNC mills: forming & trimming in a single set up.

Metal forming and heat treatment go hand-in-hand. We do both… and we do them to the highest standards.

All equipment is combined with an experienced staff. Many projects involve a project engineer deployed on the shop floor to continually follow the progress. Our hand-forming staff makes certain that the completed product is formed to the customers specifications.

Forming Capabilities

  • Hot forming titanium
  • Vacuum forming titanium
  • Hot vacuum forming titanium
  • Bladder forming
  • Brake forming
  • Hot Brake forming titanium
  • Deep draw forming
  • Stretch forming aluminum
  • Hot joggling aluminum
  • Roll forming
  • Extrusion stretch forming
  • Sheet metal stretch forming
  • “Blue Streak” forming process


  • Verson Deep Draw Press – 400 ton, 60” x 119”, 200 ton cushon
  • CNC Brake Press – 90 ton, 120”, 7-axis
  • Titanium Hot Form Press (2) –  90 ton, 30” x 60”, 1500 deg Heated Platens
  • ASEA Bladder Press – 14,000 PSI. 47.5” x 157.1” x 10”
  • “Batwing” Extrusion Press (2) – (1) 235 ton, custom, up to 34’ extrusions, (2) 60 ton, custom
  • Sheridan Skin Stretch Press – 200 ton, 48” sheet width, 22’ Long
  • Roll Form Press – 16’ sheet capacity
  • Leading Edge Press – 16’ sheet capacity, material gage up to .125”
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