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D-J Engineering, Inc. started as a simple machine shop. We know machining. Our CNC mills range in size from small 3-axis mills and lathes to huge 5-axis gantry machines, capable of producing parts up to 60’ in length. We have acquired and maintain a variety of equipment to ensure that we can produce nearly anything. Our large 5-axis CNC mills allow us to produce complex parts with fewer setups and increased accuracy. Our smaller 3-axis mills and our 4-axis pallet centers help to provide the right machine for for those smaller parts with tight tolerances. We buy equipment strategically to not only add capacity, but also capability.

Machined parts Hog out Machined part

Along with our machine capability, our CNC programming staff has direct experience on the shop floor. Throughout the job process, our programmers stay in communication with the machinists to ensure each part is programmed efficiently.

We use multiple CNC programming systems to maintain a high level of compatibility and make certain each part is produced at its highest level of quality.

Milling Milling Machining

The combination of the right people, the right tools, and the right equipment guarantees that anything is possible at D-J Engineering.

D-J Engineering machine shops are capable of milling 5-axis parts up to 60’ in length.

D-J Engineering, Inc.