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Aerospace Tooling

The D-J Engineering tooling department can support projects from initial concept through final shipment. While we specialize in ground support equipment, we can support a vast array of tool designs.

Tooling - D-J Engineering
Tooling - D-J Engineering

Tooling Design

Turn your ideas into workable and efficient designs with the help of our in-house engineering team. We can construct designs from your ideas and quickly refine them to the prototype build stage.

Our design team creates 3D models and drawings in CATIA along with support documentation to ensure the quickest and most efficient manufacturing methods. If you already have completed designs and only require fabrication support, our tooling engineering team will perform a thorough review and create support documentation to ensure project success.

Complex projects with short leads are no problem. The tooling engineering team can assist with all emergent needs in the shop in a matter of minutes. There will be minimal downtime should issues arise.

Tooling - D-J Engineering
Tooling - D-J Engineering

Tooling Fabrication

Our machine shop is dedicated to our tooling customers and internal tooling but with the flexibility of D-J as a company, we can utilize the entire production machine shop when the need arises. Our tooling machinists are well experienced with first-time runs and prove outs as the majority of our work fits those two categories. They are held to and meet a very high standard the first time.

The tooling department utilizes a full range of fabrication processes including: 

Conventional Machining
CNC Machining (3 and 5 Axis)
Electrode Discharge Machining (EDM)
Tool Grinding
Laser Engraving
3D Printing
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